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Camille Visser

My story

I believe in a holistic approach to health, combining a healthy body and mind with strong social connections to achieve genuine wellbeing. Nature therapy is of real interest to me and I truly value my time in the outdoors as deepening my relationship with the natural world. I am passionate about healthy living, adventure, travel and the outdoors. Originally from Nelson, I set off to broaden my mind and extend my experiences through travel, before settling down and rediscovering my love for sunny Nelson, New Zealand. 

My belief is each person is the expert in their own lives. By working together we can help to create a new or improved story and rediscover a purpose and passion for life. I work in my counselling practice using a pluralistic approach. I draw from Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Imago Therapy and the Māori model of health, te Whare Tapa Whā. I am a Provisional Member of the New Zealand Association for Counsellors and adhere to their Code of Ethics. I aim to continue growing in my understanding of the values of protection, participation and partnership and the implications of the Treaty of Waitangi and colonisation of Aotearoa for Māori and te Ao Māori.

I chose the name ‘Elevate Counselling and Wellbeing' as the word Elevate refers to raising to a higher, better or more impressive position. I feel like this word fits well in the outdoors and in my external natural environment. Climbing to the top of a rugged mountain, rock climbing or walking up to the top of a beautiful canyon. Internally we can elevate our thoughts, actions or our awareness to create a different story or strengthen the relationships around us. Every small step counts in our journey of elevating to a more improved and healthier state of wellbeing. The colours I have used throughout the website feel calming and soft with light blues and greys. The images are mostly taken by Adrien Paris with the central image of Lake Rotoiti in Nelson Lakes. A calming place I love to visit in both summer and winter.


The design of the logo includes these colours, which reflects the ocean, lakes, rain clouds and sky. It displays the mountains of Lake Rotoiti and Tokangawhā (Split Apple Rock) in the Abel Tasman National Park. The logo has a hint of the symbolic Lotus flower, which has a life cycle unlike any other. With its roots planted in thick mud, it submerges each night into the murky river water. Undeterred by its dirty environment it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals. A raindrop prominently in the middle also reflects the image of a teardrop. Water is our primary life source and like every step forward, every drop matters. Tears are the symbols of sadness, happiness, grief, life’s journey, healing and release.


I really look forward to meeting you and working together.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Registered Provisional Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors

  • Bachelor of Counselling - Paetahi Tumu Kōrero, at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

  • Intro to Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Concrete Tools: Part 1

  • Complex Trauma Focused Adventure Therapy workshop

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